EE Staff
For the second time, this year Coach Robin Haas will organize an Alpine Quarterback Camp in Davos Switzerland. Haas Quarterback School has been doing Camps in the Past in a smaller scale, mainly in Basel, Switzerland. The QB School was founded in 2015 and started up mainly for local Quarterbacks. Coach Haas who also helped at Camps in Germany and Austria in the Past is happy how his School is Growing " it always needs time to build up something but I’m very happy with how things are going and for this upcoming Camp in August we a nearly reached Capacity" Coach Haas went on to say what will be Important for the development of football " here in Switzerland other than my QB School and Europe Elite nobody is Organizing Camps, I’m happy Europe Elite is helping out and we really need to get some skill Camps and 7on 7 tournament weekend going in Fall, adding to that Robin stresses the point on getting Football more Year around " Our season here only goes from March to July with many bye Weeks in between, if we want to get better we need more Camps, more Tournaments and we need to stay focused all Year long."

The 3 Day Camp in August Cost 180chf which includes meals, hotel, fields and camp gear. Coach makes a clear statement about money and Football “if someone wants to make money out of Football in Europe he’s in the wrong Place, it’s about getting our Level of Play better, therefore its important to keep the cost for the Players as low as Possible so that they are willing to Pay and come."  For the Camp in August Coach Haas has a special guest Coach who will share his knowledge, Swiss Bowl Champion Coach Geoff Buffum of the Calanda Broncos. Quarterbacks range from u16 to Adults. To apply for the Camp ochohaas@gmail.com