U16 bringing back the trophy to Hall

Frank Fink/Axel Streich

" Already before the last game day it was clear: the U16 of the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns are the Baden-Würtenberg Champions of 2017! A 24:7 outcome vs Freiburg Sacristans assured this success.

The long drive to Freiburg makes the games vs Sacristans always hard although the U16 of the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns managed to score a touchdown in every quarter of the game. In the 1st quarter it was a 15-yard run by Joshua Babatunde and in the 2nd quarter a 15-yard pass by national team QB Alexander Honig to Gonzales Riveros, which brought the halftime lead of 12:0 to the Unicorns.

After the break playmaker Alexander Honig was able to make a 30-yard-run into the endzone of the Sacristans after they have already thwarted a drive of the Freiburg team and came out with 18:0. Afterwards the Sacristans made their only points of the day  in the last quarter, Henri Bendel ensured the final decision. With a 5-yard-run he made the final score the 24:7  after Marvin Glück previously intercepted a pass from Freiburg.

Under the direction of Head Coach Tobias Jenß the U16 Unicorns lifted back the Championship to Schwäbisch Hall, after losing a close match to the Stuttgart Scorpions last year. Next week, in the last game of the round, in Mannheim the guys from Hall want to achieve another success to complete the perfect season."

Scorers for Hall: Josuha Babatunde (6), Gonzales Riveros (6), Alexander Honig (6), Henri Bendel (6)

This artical was translated by : Sabine Krakora

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