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Dod’s Scott Is One Of Europe’s Most Explosive Recruits

After Scott’s impressive All-star game Europe’s Elite writer Reggie Graham had the opportunity to talk with the speedy receiver.
Europe’s Elite -(EE)
Zavier Scott- (ZS)

EE- give us a little bit about your background and how you ended up playing football in Europe?

ZS – I have always grown up being in the military community, and I was in Virginia which is where I saw that hard work ethics can go far. I brought the mentality to Germany, when we were ordered to move here, to help my teammates so we can go far, but I was on my own working hard, which was okay.

EE- Many people don’t know much about American sports in Europe so please give a little information about your school?

ZS – My school is a great school full of athletes, and a lot of them play all 3 seasons, football, basketball, and track/baseball. My team had a great bond from the beginning which helped a lot during the season.

EE- getting recruited from Dods can be a bit challenging tell us your thoughts on that?

ZS – I think that it’s always possible if you have the right work ethic. It will come in due time. I believe God is up there working.

EE- Do you feel there are many other players you play with or against that have some college level talent? If so, please name a couple

ZS – Derek Davis one of our 6’0″ 280lbs lineman that is just strong and quick. I also believe Cameron Downs has college level talent, and he is a junior.

EE- We first seen you play in Wiesbaden and the first thing we noticed was your speed and big play ability. Is there any other attributes that you bring to the game?

ZS – I am a huge team person, nothing can be done without a strong team, and I help bring my team together when there are disagreements and we all settle it. I also bring my mentality in the off season, to work hard and it will show during the season.

EE- what is your current Height, Weight, and 40 time?

ZS – I am 6’2″ 190lbs and I run a 4.57 40, but I feel I could definitely do a 4.4-4.5 now.

EE- As we all know academics are most important so give us your current GPA and SAT scores?

ZS – My GPA is 3.1 at this time, and my SAT score was a 1140 on the new SAT out of 1600.

EE- how did you hear about Europe’s Elite?

ZS – I learned about it after my game against Wiesbaden when Coach Collier talked to me about it and told me what they are here to do.

EE- What’s your thoughts on what Europe’s Elite is doing for the under the radar athletes in Europe?

ZS – I really like this program and the opportunity it gives players that are not known much. It really is amazing to me that they do this for us.

EE- What’s your goals for the future?

ZS – I plan to just be successful in whatever I do. I would love to make it to the NFL like any other high school kid and just be successful.

EE- We also watched you in the Dods All-star game and was really impressed. Tell us a little about this game and your stats from this game?

ZS – My first touchdown was just a blown man-to-man coverage we exploited. My second TD I was just doing what I do best and using my speed. The 3rd TD I saw a hole in the defense so I told our coach to run the play again and we did and my QB threw it up and I made a play on the ball and timed it perfectly.

EE- Do you play any other sports?

ZS – I play basketball, and run track. I stopped playing basketball 7th grade and came back my junior year and made varsity and I am varsity again this year. I ran track and made All-Europe and I qualified in Europeans for the max amount of events at 5 events (100, 200, 400, 4×100, Sprint Medley).

EE- What’s your thoughts on playing at the collegiate level?

ZS – I have been wanting to my whole life and it’s an amazing experience for anyone blessed to play.

EE- Growing up did you have a favorite college team?

ZS – I wouldn’t say I’m a bandwagon, but I really wasn’t in to college until LSU won the national championship and they have been my favorite team, but my dad loves Ohio State and my mom loves TCU.

EE- Lastly, for all of the coaches that’s looking on tell them why they should offer you a scholarship?

ZS – They should offer me, because I am a hard working player, and very coachable. I have a high football IQ and learn quickly. I have huge dedication for the game and love it.

EE- Thanks for your time Zavier

ZS – Thank you for going out of your way to do this. It really means a lot!


To see Scott in action click link below:


Reggie Graham

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