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Salieu Picks Up First Offer

Salieu Ceesay is a 6’4 200lb quarterback from Lübeck, Germany. Salieu attends Aquinas High School in California, San Bernardino where he is entering his second year. He had a great Jr. year of American high school football and now he has the scholarship to prove it. Salieu recently picked up his first scholarship offer from Azusa Pacifica. Europe’s Elite had the chance to catch up with Salieu and talk about his journey from Germany to America:

Europe’s Elite: Can you tell us how has the transition from Germany to the U.S has been?
Salieu Ceesay: The transition hasn’t been really easy at first because it is so different from Germany. It is super warm here, the food is different, the lifestyle is different and even things like the hills here are different. Where I’m from (Lübeck, Germany) it is just straight flat. No mountains, no hills or anything. But the school and my host family made it really easy to get me used to everything.

Europe’s Elite: What is the biggest difference between football in Germany to football in the U.S.?
Salieu Ceesay: Football in Germany is starting to get bigger now with the NFL help. In my city football, it’s getting really big because of the success the Lübeck Cougars have had the last couple of years. People definitely know about them and a lot of people go watch their games and support. Here in the U.S football is the biggest thing. I mean you can go anywhere and you will always see something about football. Posters, commercials or people talk about their teams. In Germany I was used to practice 2 – 3 times a week and here I have practice every day. This is what I always wanted to do!!

Europe’s Elite: How does it feel to have your first offer?
Salieu Ceesay: It’s a great feeling! I’ve been playing football for almost 10 years and this was always my biggest dream! It feels unreal to know that the journey is not over and I can continue my educational and athletic career her in the U.S. I’m more than thankful for this opportunity. It means a lot for me and my family.

Europe’s Elite: What is your biggest attribute as a QB?
Salieu Ceesay: I think my biggest attributes is definitely my brain and my arm. I know when to throw a lob pass, when to throw a bullet. I think I’m really accurate and I love to pick defenses apart. I see the weakness in defenses and I can read them really well. My size is another good attribute. I’m 6’4/200 lbs and also athletic. I love to run the ball and I can definitely move in the pocket.

Europe’s Elite: What separates you from other QB?
Salieu Ceesay: What separates me from other Quarterbacks is my size and my ability to make plays in tough situations. I’m always confident in what I’m doing. No matter who I’m playing or who’s watching me.

Europe’s Elite: What is your message to other European players that want to play High school or college football in America?
Salieu Ceesay: Give it all you have! Practice as much as you can, get a good tape together and get in contact with a organization that has contacts in the states. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions. If this is what you want to do just do it! I’m having the best time of my life over here and it’s a great feeling to be here.

Even though Salieu has received his first offer it seems to be the first of many. The talented Quarterback is also picking up interest from major Division 1 schools such as Arizona State, Washington State, UNLV, Fresno State, Wyoming and Colorado. Salieu’s teammate Joshka Gustav who is from Hamburg, Germany has already committed to play for the Colorado Buffalo’s next year. It will be interested to see who lands the German signal caller.

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