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September 27, 2017
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September 27, 2017
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6’8 295 DL/OL Lukas Bockay Ready For College Tour

Europe’s Elite was happy to come across one of the biggest sleepers in Europe 19 year old 6’8 290lbs Defensive End Lukas Bockay. His coach reached out to us and told us about a player he is coaching that can become something really special. Lukas just started playing with a local team in 2016 and wasn’t known. That all changed the day he met coach Richard Reich who is the Defensive Coordinator for the Slovakia national U19 team. He quickly saw that Lukas already had NFL size and could become a great player.

“The first time I saw him I told him he had NFL size and then he responded that his dream is to play college football” said coach Reich. Lukas then decided to pursue his dream and join the Bratislava Monarchs. Although Lukas is very new and raw to the sport his coaches are very impressed with how he has performed so far. “As of now he is a blank slate you can mold him into the player you want, but he even overpowered an Import Offensive Lineman with raw strength”. Says coach Reich. What’s most intriguing about Lukas is he has what you can’t coach and that’s amazing size.

Coach stated that “The moves can be taught to Lukas, but guys who know the skills and technique will never have the size he has. His coaches have really gotten behind Lukas in supporting his goal of playing college football. Lukas will be traveling to the States in a few weeks on the Europe’s Elite and Legacy College Camp tour visiting Universities and playing football with some of the best young football talent in the world. Lukas knows playing college football is a reality for him and he is taking the necessary steps to show his best on the college tour. “I will sacrifice whatever is necessary to get a college scholarship. Every day I spend almost 4 hours in gym, working on my footwork and flexibility stretching twice a day early at the morning and after each workout. We are very confident that coaches in the United States will take a chance on him and offer a scholarship. Stay tuned as Europe’s Elite will track how the Camp tour for Lukas is going.

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