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December 8, 2017
Marcus Dowtin, VP of NFLPA Guest Coach at All Star Camp
December 11, 2017
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Wilson Level Up Camp

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(*Limited space available according to position*)

Registration for our Wilson Elite Summer Camp 2020 is officially open. The Camp will take place July 6-10 in Ferney-Voltaire, France (Geneva) . This Camp will be a five day event for players age 8-20 separated into three categories, Pee Wee 8-12, Junior Varsity 13-15 and Varsity 16-20.

The camp will be structured as a progressive technical skill development camp that includes the following: position specific training, college seminar, life skills courses, filmed practices & evaluation, coaches clinic, and a Friday Bowl Games JV and Varsity game. Featured coaches at the camp will be former NFL players, coaches as well as former NCAA coaches. For questions about the Summer camp please send an email to summercamp@europeselite.com.

2020 NFL guest coaches to be announced.






  • Welcome package: Football, Shirt and Backpack 



  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Participation in complete Elite Camp
  • Life Skills Course


  • Regular price: 550€
  • Deposit: 200€ (* Saves place in camp full amount must be paid before 1st of May Non-refundable)
  • Non residential campers price: 425€
  • Registration will end on June 1st 2020


  • The camp welcome will start at Monday July 6th, 2020 at 6:30 am. The camp check out will begin  Friday July 10, 2020 at 2:00 pm after the final game.


  • Each individual participant is responsible for his/her transportation to and from Camp, costs for transportation not included in Camp fee.


  • Insurance coverage is responsibility of each individual participant. Europe’s Elite are not liable for accidents, illness or theft before, during or after Camp. *Each Camper Must bring a copy of their Insurance card to the camp to participate.


Regular price 550 €
Non residential (players staying off campus)425 €
Deposit (holds your place in camp) Non refundable .200€
Early arrival (Sunday July 4)55 €
Late Checkout (Saturday July 10)55 €



2019 CAMP HIGHLIGHTS from Punting for the people

2019 camp coaches:

  • Aaron Seward (USA)
  • Alex Renner (Austria)
  • Brian Casey (USA)
  • Brian Smith (USA)
  • Christopher Pribyl (Austria)
  • Darius Lewis (USA)
  • Devin Adkins (USA)
  • Donald Smith (USA)
  • Emmanuel lewis (USA)
  • Gabriel Chambers (USA)
  • Ignacio Cordero (Spain)
  • Jacob Templar (Austriala)
  • Jadrian clark (USA)
  • Javier Carrasco (Spain)
  • Kevin Mwamba (France)
  • Luca Hofstadler (Austria)
  • Magnus Alnesjo (Sweeden)
  • Michael Hall (Norway)
  • Peter melus (Bratislava)
  • Tim Edmons (USA)
  • TJ Richardson (USA)
















Day 1 highlights from our video team Clava Productions:


2018 Campers Perspective:

One of our campers Leo Sartell from the Thonon Black Panthers of France gives you a inside look at what our camp week is like:

2018 Combine Testing: Players are tested in their 40 yard dash, shuttle, vertical and broad jump.


2018 Coaches Greetings:

2017 Super Bowl champion coach Chris Wilson:

Los Angels Chargers coach Rip Scherer


2018 Guest coaches:

  • Chris Wilson: DL Coach Philadelphia Eagles (USA)
  • Rip Scherer: TE/QB coach LA Chargers (USA)
  • Skyler Fulton: WR coach Tampa Bay Buccaneers (USA)
  • Caylin Hauptmann: 2x super Bowl Champion (USA)
  • Emmanuel Lewis: Amsterdam Crusaders Offensive Coordinator, Former Frankfurt Universe QB (USA)
  • Talib Wise: Head Coach Belin Adler, 5-time European Champion (USA)
  • Michael Hall: Head coach Eidsvoll 1814’s (Norway )
  • Jonathan Eckmans: U19 French National Team WR coach (France )
  • Magnus Alnesjo: LB Coach Stockholm Mean Machine (Sweeden)
  • Kevin Mwamba: Head coach of Flash U19 (France)
  • Peter Melus: Head coach Bratislava MONARCHS ( Slovakia )
  • Lawrence Grugeon: Head coach Eton Jaguars (England)
  • Alexandra Osadebe: Junior Tigers (Austria)
  • Zach Shaw (USA)
  • Allen Wilson (USA)
  • Brain Casey (USA)
  • Jeffrey Stephens (USA)
  • Quentin Williams (USA)



Check out our camp video:



  1. Berny Haider says:

    Hy guys!

    Is it possible to become the package without sleeping in the Jufa hotel and without lunch and breakfast? Our son would be a part of the camp, but we live only 500m from the camp place, therefor sleeping in the hotel is not necessary. Please give us a short answer!


    Berny & Brigitte

  2. Alexander Falb says:

    Hi, I am also interested in the package without sleeping in the Jufa Hotel. Is it possible to take part on the Camp without sleeping and eating in Jufa Hotel?

    Alexander Falb

  3. OS says:

    how can i get a member of the camp sir?

  4. Derek Mann says:

    Hi guys,

    what is the coaching clinic aspect of this event? I am very interested coming down as a coach. I am wondering if the prices are any different?


    Derek Mann
    Oslo Vikings.

  5. Roman says:

    Is the amount of participants limited or not? I do not know yet if I can go and I would like to know if there is a hurry to register for the camp.

  6. Roman says:

    I would like to know if camp space is limited. I need to think about it if I can go to the camp and I would like to know if there is a hurry to register

  7. Anna says:

    same question, what would be the cost without lodging and dinner?

  8. Yahya hilal says:

    If I’m 15 years old would I have to bring shoulder pads and a helmet?

  9. Yahya hilal says:

    Also I would like to know if there is still space for the camp and wether I should hurry up on registration

  10. Angelo Lachnit says:

    Hi guys I would like to know at what time (hour ) will be the checking on Sunday, because we have a late arrive.
    Thanks a lot

  11. Lisa says:

    Would it be possible to book the package without accomodation? We live in Vienna.

  12. Enzo says:


    My son (15+Y) is very interested in participating to the All Star Camp 2018. I would have few questions:

    – When arriving at the Railway station in Vienna, will be there any specific transportation to the camp? If not, what would be the easiest way to join the Camp and at what time is the welcome? I the hotel located nearby the Camp?
    – English lessons are part of the agenda: how many hours per day or during the week?

    Thank you for your reply

    Best regards

    • Hello Enzo,

      – When arriving at the Railway station we can arrange a pickup service with our campers that are coming from the airport.
      – The Welcome is Monday at 8am. There is early drop off available on Sunday.
      – There will be English lessons available 3 night during the week that will be 30 min. lessons.

      Please send your arrival and departure information to info@europeselite.com


      EE Staff

  13. Balazs Palkovics says:

    I’d like to ask, if I’ve already registered,but I havent payed that time, now I’d like to pay,how can I send it?
    Thanks, Balazs

  14. Jarda Kovář says:

    Is this camp good for beginners i started playing football just two months ago and i dont know if i could keep up with all the players i am 17

  15. Petra Hrouda says:

    Hello, we are also interested in a package without the hotel package at Jufa, as we are living in Vienna, is it possible to take part without the hotel package?

    Thank you very much for your response
    Best regards

  16. Ann-sofi Jonasson says:

    Do we (parents) need a car in vienna so we can drive the kids to and from practis? Ore is The practis close to The hotell?

  17. Alejandro Garcia says:

    Hi do the participants of the camp need to bring shoulder pads and helmet?

  18. Jutta Markus says:

    my nephew, 16 years (Vienna Viking Player) is interested in participating the All Star Camp. We have some questions: What is the goal of the Camp? Do you have a schedule with the planned lessons and speakers? Many thanks for your reply! Cheers, Jutta

    • Hello Jutta,

      The goal of the camp is to improve players skills while providing a fun ans safe enviorment. Our camp will not only focus on football but we will have acdemic semniars, life skills courses and more. Our schdule will be release next month.

      Best regards,

      EE Staff

  19. Hello,
    I coach an italian team (we recently won the under 16 championship, you invited our quarterback to your camp) and I’d like my 2 sons to attend too.
    Moreover,I am sure we can put together a group of our young players for the camp.
    Can you please send me an e-mail with all options and costs so that I can spread it to all parents?
    Can you arrange a trasnfer shuttle form the airport to the camp site?
    May I have more informations about the coaching clinic?
    Waiting for your kind reply,

  20. Dawidowicz Andrzej says:

    Hello ,
    I have 25 years old and i play QB can i comme to this camp ?
    Thank you

    Best regards

  21. Wiktor says:

    Are there any places left on the camp? Is it still possible to register for it?

  22. Mauro Tremmel says:


    I turned 20 in march, so is there a possibility to participate anyway?

    best regards,


  23. Peter Lörnitzo says:

    Hello Team,

    I would also please get information about attending the camp without sleeping there. Also, is there a discount for siblings?


    • Hello Peter,

      Thank you for the question. To attend the camp without the accommodation is called our non residential sign up and cost 395€. We do not have a siblings discount at the moment.

      Best regards,
      EE Staff

  24. joeri says:

    Good morning

    What if I get injured before the camp (competition still ongoing)? Can I get a refund if I’m unable to attend because of an injury?

    How many slots are still available?

    Best regards


  25. ANNA LISA says:

    My son will attend the campus (Level Up Summer Camp) from 16 to 22 July.
    If I, my husband and Lorenzo want to arrive on July 15th, is there room to sleep all three and if anything, how much does it cost?
    With best regards.
    Anna Lisa

  26. Alonso Espinosa says:

    Do you have the specific program for the shadow coaches clinics? The schedule topic etc?

  27. Leonhard Fehr says:

    Could you kindly provide more detailed information about the camp, ie venue, location, maps, facilities etc of the camp? thx

  28. Swetlana Davis says:

    We have just registered our son and wonder how many kids sleep in a dojo room.
    Do you have any pics of the actual accommodation?

  29. Nils Böök says:

    Hi! I’m thinking about coming but I live in Sweden so I would like to know how it would work if I came and stayed the night before.
    I also would like to know how to get from the airport to the camp.

  30. Nathan Leclerc says:

    I come from France and I’m 15 can I come alone ? And how ?

  31. Marvin Schaefer says:

    Hey, Eric Hoerl told us at the Playmakerscamp in Bad Homburg that there is a possibility to go to 1 week camp in the United states. I cant find anything About it on your Website. Where can I get more Information About it?

  32. Marta Val says:

    Hello ,we recently filled out all the information necessary to sign up for the camp but we never received the email with the payment instructions. We have been waiting a couple days and so we were wondering if we should fill out the register information again or wait a couple more days .

  33. Ramon says:

    Hello, I am 15 years old and my birthday is in september so I’m nearly 16 when the camp starts. I wanted to ask if I could train in the varsity 16-18, because I play at the QB position at there’s no space for this position in the junior varsity.

  34. Marlene Söderqvist says:

    I registred my son in the Varsity as DB about 10 days ago but have not got a mail after the registration for the camp summer 2019.

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