Nathan Webb, QB 6’1 190, U.K.

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Nathan Webb, QB 6’1 190, U.K.

Nathan Webb is a QB who plays for the Bristol Pride. Webb began his football journey at the age of 16 in South London. He played for the London Warriors U17 and U19 teams prior to making the transition to Bristol. This year is his first year starting as the QB at The PRIDE and he is working hard to lead the team to a successful season. We had the opportunity to catch up with Nathan after their 14-13 win over the French U19 national team.

EE: What inspired you to play football ?

Webb: When I started playing it was just for fun because I enjoyed it but the more I understood football and looked into the process of becoming a professional I noticed that it takes a lot more than just a good player. You need to be a certain kind of person and looking up to my favorite players, I wanted to emulate that in how I play and life outside of the game.

EE: Who is your favorite player?

Webb: My favorite player is Cam Newton, I love the way he plays, the confidence he shows on the field even in the most intense situations. He has all the skills needed to play and although I can never be 6’5 250lbs I wish to bring the way he plays into my game.

EE: What separates you from other QB’s?

Webb: I believe that it’s my football mind that sets me apart from quarterbacks. I understand concepts and coverages quickly and am able to show that in my game. I also believe that my high release point when throwing helps me to be as accurate as I am with  the ball.

EE: Why I should a school recruit you?

If I were to be given the chance to play in the states I would make sure I’m doing all the things necessary to be the best student athlete that I can be and more.


Check out Nate’s highlight tape below:

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