Abel St. Amand, 6’1 230 Linebacker

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Abel St. Amand, 6’1 230 Linebacker

By Alex McLachlan

This week, Europe’s Elite had a chance to interview one of Europe’s most promising defensive prospects, Abel St. Amand Daufour. A defensive end for the St. Ouen l’Aumône Cougars, Daufour was able to dominate opposition offences, limiting them to a mere 8 points per game in the regular season. His rare combination of speed and strength makes him a great candidate to continue to play at the next level.


EE: How long have you been playing football?

Daufour: For 3 years now, this is my last years in U19 junior.


EE: What Inspired you to play football?

Daufour: It is all thanks to my friend Michael John (Quarterback of my team), as it was him who talked me into trying American football. He said me “because you run so fast etc…”) you have to try it out, so I did!


EE: What is your best attribute as a player?

Daufour: My best attribute for my coach is my speed, power and my technical ability with my arms… but more my speed/reactivity.


EE: Can you tell us about your last season?

Daufour: That was great season for my teammates and me, with an undefeated [regular] season! We made it to the quarter final playoff match, but unfortunately we lost. That being said, I would like to thank my coaches and teammates for all they’ve done!


EE: What are your goals as a football player and outside of football?

Daufour: Outside of football… I don’t know to be honest. But my goal is to play with a university in D1 NCAA!! I Know it is very difficult, but I’m really motivated! For real, it is the best goal! This is my dream!


EE: Who is your favourite Player?

Daufour: I have 3 favourite players: Kam chancellor, Cameron wake and Ray Lewis for his mind and motivational speeches!

Check out his highlights below:


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