Arttu Pajarinen 6’1 190, Safety 2022, Finland

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March 9, 2019
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Arttu Pajarinen 6’1 190, Safety 2022, Finland

By Aaron Page

Arttu Pajarinen Is a versatile football player playing mainly at Safety and taking some snaps at  Running Back for his home club, the Helsinki Roosters but also for the U17  Finnish National team. Speaking on his Behalf is the Helsinki Roosters youth GM Daniel Stanzel.


EE: How long has Arttu been playing football?

Daniel:  Arttu is entering his 7th season with the Helsinki Roosters

EE: What are Arttu’s strengths as a player ?

Daniel: Arttu is 6’1, 190 lbs, and works Harder than everyone else. He attends every practice available. he is also a gym rat and participating in all team track and field training sessions. He also grew up playing hockey as a goalie.

EE: Why did Arttu decide to skip his U17 season this year and play directly for the Helsinki Roosters Maple league team?

Daniel: He wants to take the next step and feels he can learn and compete with some of the best players in Europe by joining the men’s Squad. 

We are excited to see Arttu perform this  season, Coach Stanzel had these final words to say about Arttu ”He works harder than everyone else. He comes to every practise there is available to him. He is a gym rat while also participating in all track and field session the teams offer. Sky is the limit for someone with his attitude.”

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