Mark Petry, 6’5, 245, TE/DE, 2019 Germany

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March 13, 2019
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Mark Petry, 6’5, 245, TE/DE, 2019 Germany

Mark Petry is a 6’5 245 TE/DE who hails from Mainz, Germany. Mark Petry attended the Wilson Level Up football where he impressed former Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR coach Skyler Fulton. Mark chatted with Europe’s Elite Kaleb Leach.

How long have you been playing football? 
I started playing football in 2016. I started out playing on the O-line at first, but the next season I transformed myself into a Tight end. 

What are some of your strengths as a player ? 
I think my biggest strength is that I am a player who doesn’t give up. I am a player who never gives up in training or on gameday! I simply don’t quit.

Have you taken the SAT? 
Yes I took the Sat and my score is 1120

Who do you watch the most and try to play like
I really like to watch Rob Gronkowski, but he is not a player I try to play like. He has a unique body frame but I am not always a fan of how he uses it. I try to run sharp routes like Steffon Diggs, but block like Gronk. I want to be a red zone thread like Hunter Henry, and I would compare my work ethic to that of Antonio Brown. But more importantly I try to be consistent like Tom Brady. But in the end I don’t try to play like anybody in the league or somewhere else.

I try to play how I feel , be myself, and play to my own style. I a Tight End with Safe hands, sharp routes, with a ground and pound attitude. I try to be someone you really can depend on in crucial moments to make the catch, and be a playmaker.

How was your season last year
Unfortunately, my last season didn’t go so well, because I tore my hamstring as I was competing against other top athletes at college camps on the DreamChasers 2018 Tour. This tour was designed to help European Athletes gain exposure and earn a possible scholarship to play college football in the US. Due to my injury during this camp tour I had to sit out majority of last season. But in the season before I played very well; in only 10 games I had 900 yards receiving , 7 touchdowns, several 2 point conversions, and led the Mainz Golden Eagles to the playoffs.  

What are your expectations for this year
This year I want to make my dreams come true and earn a scholarship from a d1 school. I want to play on the highest level possible and compete with the best talent. But once I get there I will set new goals and have even bigger dreams

Why should a team recruit you?
I think I am reliable athlete and responsible young man. I am someone any coach can depend on, both on the field and in the community. Lastly, I know I will out work anyone on the roster, because I simply want it more than everyone else. Being a German athlete I may be behind in football knowledge, technique and maybe athleticism compared to some American athletes. But I am 100% sure that I can close that gap and become the number 1 guy on a teams roster simply based on my work ethic.

Mark Petry,

twitter: mark_p42,

Instagram: mark_mge

Edited by : Kaleb Leach

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