Yani Gouadfel, 6’3 201 lbs, DB 2020 France

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Yani Gouadfel, 6’3 201 lbs, DB 2020 France

By Aaron Page 

Yani Is a Tall athletic DB out of france who has spent the last 2 seasons with the Thetford CEJEP program, A Junior College out of Quebec Canada boasts some of the best football in Canada and Yani was a big addition to this program.

How long have you been playing football?

I started football with my brother because at the time we were watching an anime of football and we saw that there is a team close to where we live so we went to a practice and we loved it. I’ve been playing football since August 2014 in Villepinte where I have played for 3 season and then in 2017 a coach from Thetford Q.C in Canada offered for me to play with them so I took a chance and I have played two seasons in Canada. My first season was hard because I was playing well but I got  injured so I only got to play two games. The next season I had a great season. I went to Canada because I knew that it was a higher level of Football than the France u19 level and I knew that the infrastructure was much better that what we have in France.

What are your strengths as a player?

My strength as a player  is my Football IQ which has allowed me to react quickly and make big plays, I am also tall and I have good hands so I can pick the ball up and I am savage on special teams.

Have you taken the SAT?

I am actually working on my SAT I am going to pass it soon.

Who do you watch the most and try to play like?

The player I admire and I am trying to copy is Earl Thomas. He is quick and he has a good Football IQ, he is always excited about playing.

What are your expectations for this year?

My expectations for this year is to win a championship with my team and also be on of the best players in the league.

Why should a team recruit you?

I am already working for the next season, I am bigger, faster, quicker and I am working on my technique a lot so I will be ready at 100% to play in university my first year.

Yani Gouadfel 2018 highlights:

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