Richard Agyekum, 5’9 150 DB, Netherlands

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April 30, 2019
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Richard Agyekum, 5’9 150 DB, Netherlands

by Aaron Page

Richard Agyekum is a 5’9 Athlete from Belgium, he is undersized but dont let that fool you. He has the skill set that will make coaches over look his size. We had the chance to speak with Richard and his plans for the 2019 season.

How long have you been playing football?

 have been playing football for 4 years

What are your strengths as a player?

I am very good at learning something and executing it.

Have you taken the SAT?

Not yet but I have it planned in the future.

Who do you watch the most and try to play like?

I try to play like Jalen Mills, I started watching him while he was playing for LSU.

How was your season last year?

I had a great season last year, one of my best seasons so far on both sides of the ball.

What are your expectations for this year?

I will be playing in a different competition this year and I expect to have fun playing against great opponents.  I will be playing in Germany for the Cologne Crocodiles 

Why should a team recruit you?

Because I am a great person on and off the field and always looking for opportunities to level up the team.

Check out Richard’s most recent highlight tape below.

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