Player Spotlight: Luca Sack, 5’9 180 lbs, WR from Germany

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Player Spotlight: Luca Sack, 5’9 180 lbs, WR from Germany

By Aaron Page

At 18 years old Luca Sack is set on becoming a top WR in Europe. He has break away speed after the catch, and his speed is also put into good use as a P/K returner as well. This well rounded athlete knows what it means to work hard and is someone everybody will be keeping eye on in the upcoming years.

How long have you been playing Football?

  • Similar to every kid in Germany I started playing soccer at the age of 4. I did so for about 8 years, being recruited by one of the major soccer programs at the age of 6. I decided to switch to athletics (Track & Field), which I did for another 2 years , being successful in high and vertical jump, sprint and javelin. Finally I realized I’m missing the team spirit. So I switched to football 4 years ago where I found my determination.

What are your strengths as a player?

  • My strengths as a player…. I’m willing to learn everyday and every practice and I’m ready to go the extra mile. I’m committed to the game and to my teammates. Many guys would say I’m very confident on and off the field, I’m competitive and I always want more. I’m also willing to lead the team, I’m a versatile player and can be trusted, I get the job done. I’ve got good hands, no fear to catch the ball in traffic and my yards after catch are outstanding. At the line of scrimmage I’m very explosive and I’m very fast and agile. I have a good understanding of the game and I’m always willing to learn more. Because of being confident I have no fear to take responsibility on the field. I’m the kicker of our team and actually a 50 yards field goal is no problem. Another strength is that I can anticipate and react on situations on the field. So every time I’m dangerous as soon as the ball is in my hands.

Have you taken the SAT?

  • As I just graduated from secondary school with an university entrance diploma I didn’t take the SAT yet. Indeed completing SAT and TOEFL is the next step I have planned.

Who do you watch the most and try to play like?

  • My favorite player and also the player I try to model my game after is Julian Edelman. Like me he’s not the biggest guy on the field but the way he plays and the way he prepares for the game fascinated me. Catching the ball in traffic, taking all the hits, reaching his goals, that’s just impressive. And also the way he‘s working and how he wants more and more is impressive.

What are you expectations for this year?

  • This year I transferred from Rodgau to Darmstadt, to the GFL Juniors. I just wanted to develop individually and wanted to compete at another level. My expectations are that I’m able to improve my skills as a player, develop additional skills and get even faster. I also want to improve my understanding of the game to attack more specific points in the defense. Furthermore I want to lead my team as a captain to championships and I want to form my team to one family bleeding together on the field.

Why should a team recruit you?

  • Well I’m working hard, always eager to do the extra rep, the extra route, the extra mile. I‘m a very good athlete. I’m a multi versatile player who’s able to play everywhere on the field. I’m a competitive guy, happy to take the challenge. If you’re looking for a player, who’s an all round talent, you’ll find him in me. Moreover I’m not scared to catch the ball in traffic or to take a hit. I’ve got good hands, good anticipation, game intelligence and my speed, my explosiveness is outstanding

Want to know more about Luca? Contact us directly and check out his highlight tape linked below.

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