Next Stop High School Football in The US? Play Spotlight: Fynn Gotsch

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Next Stop High School Football in The US? Play Spotlight: Fynn Gotsch

The goals for young football players in Europe are slightly different than those of an athlete in the US. Many athletes still have aspirations to play college football at the NCAA level. But for many young international athletes their dreams of getting to the US start with a step before college football. Playing a high school football game on a Friday night under stadium lights is a simple tradition for Americans. But to have this same sports experience at the high school level, is merely a dream for athletes across the pond. Young guys over here, await an opportunity to be recruited and noticed by high school football coaches for their chance to play football in the States. So the question then becomes; what does some of this ELITE talent look like? Now presenting a young lineman from Hamburg ,Germany Fynn Gotsch!

How long have you played football?

  • I have been playing football since I was 6 years old, and I am 15 now. So I have been playing football for almost 10 years. I started playing football as RB, but since I turned 14 I have been playing OL/DL.

What are some of your current goals with football?

  • I recently reached one of my goals which was to win the Hamburg and northern Germany championship. My next goal is to get an opportunity to compete at a high school or university in the US.

Which play would you say you watch the most ? And whom would you compare yourself to?

  • I watch RB´s and especially Christian McCaffrey, because I really like the way he plays. He has insane runs and great breakaway speed. He is an absolute playmaker. But I must say there is nobody I would say I play like because my style of play is very unique.

How has playing football affected your life?

  • As I started playing football I wasn´t very confident in myself. After 2 season without any playing time I decided to take a break from football.I just wasn’t sure this was the sport for me .But as I started to play football again I had 2 starting spots on my team as (OL|DL). So I would say that football made me way more confident in myself. Football taught me how to be confident on and off the field.

Why do you want to play high school football?

  • Playing football in the US is my dream since I 1st started playing the game. I like the team cohesiveness, the atmosphere around the football games. Football is the game I have grown up with and I fell like I am ready to compete on the next level.

Why should a team recruit you?

  • A team should recruit me because they will get a player who isn´t afraid of contact. A player who is strong, and who will give his best on and off the field. Lastly I am a great leader and a natural competitior I always want to win, no matter what.

Fynn is one of many young athletes in Europe that are seeking an opportunity to play high school football. At Europe’s Elite we have built a platform for athletes to gain some extra exposure and chase their dream. Be sure to watch Fynn’s highlight tape below and share this article with someone you know.

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