The Best Kept Secret in the Burg: Player Spotlight – Niklas Stelzig

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The Best Kept Secret in the Burg: Player Spotlight – Niklas Stelzig

Niklas Stelzig is a hard working running back straight out of Magdeburg, Germany. He has spent the last few years playing football his local club the Madeburg Virgin Guards. Niklas is one of the many talented athletes that playing football in Europe. He reached out to Europe’s Elite and told our staff that he has big plans to be great. We turned on the film and knew this young man has serious that other coaches and scouts should begin to notice. We took some time to get to know Niklas over the past few days, after hearing this young man’s story we convinced he is something special.

How long have you played football and what position do you play?

  • I have played football as a running back for 3 years now

What are your current goals with football?

  • Primarily I want to play football at a NCAA D1 University or any other NCAA university. I also want to play in the GFL as a starting running back for a major pro team. If there is ever a national German football team again, I would really like to join and represent my country.

What player do you watch the running back would you say you play like?

  • I really like to watch two specific running backs. I enjoy watching the running back for the Carolina Panthers, Christian McCaffrey and the GFL running back for the New Yorker Lions Chris McClendon. But I have to say I don’t really know much about my position to compare myself to McCaffrey or McClendon. But I can say I am a solid runner in any weather. I am the type of running back the can run in between the tackles and or be used in backside zone plays.

How has football affected your life?

  • Football showed me the new lifestyle of an athlete and the opportunity to use the time in a right way as a teenager. Athletes understand the importance of a team and being involved in a community hold . Football has changed my entire lifestyle and my future. It gave me the focus on the really important things in life.

Why should a team recruit you?

  • A team should recruit me because I have strong mindset concerning football. I am strong willed and I am very motivated to support any college team that will give me an opportunity. Although I am young I have learned that no lose can make me give up. Loses can only me stronger and better as a man. Also I am a fast and strong running back with a high level of skills. I train every day to become faster and stronger and to improve my running back skills.

Check out Niklas’s full highlight tape with the link below.

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