There is D1 Talent in Sweden. Player Spotlight: Alexander Nordgen

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There is D1 Talent in Sweden. Player Spotlight: Alexander Nordgen

Alexander Nordgren is a 6’1ft , 220 inside Linebacker from Sollentuna, Sweden. This RIG Academy product is by far one of the best defensive players we have spotted in all of Sweden. It can even be argued that Alex is one of the top defensive players in Europe for his entire recruiting class. This young man has size, speed, explosiveness and a natural nose for the ball. Not many big name schools know about Alex yet, but that is soon to change once a few coaches see his tape. Alexander Nordgren may just be the next big name out of Sweden!

How long have you played the game of football ?

  • I started playing football about 6 years ago when my dad had been to the US and came home with a Gronkowski jersey for me. Although I have played this sport for 6 years , I have only began putting 100% of my focus on my position 1 year ago.

What are your curent goals with playing football?

  • My goal with football is to play D1 football in the US. What team, it is doesn’t matter. I believe I have what it takes to compete at that level and I am ready to prove myself to other coaches .

Who are a few players you like to watch and learn from?

  • I watch a lot of players, mostly in the NFL, but I try to focus on fast playing ILBs like Kwon Alexander or Bobby Wagner for ex.

How has playing football affected your life?

  • Football has affected my life in a very positive way. Before playing football I played many different sports but I never really fit in, I was either too big or too clumsy. But with football it just clicked, and that motivated me to training more and harder which got me out of a period in my life where I was overweight and not feeling so good. And I think all of that has made me a stronger person both mentally and physically.

Why should a team recruit you ?

  • I think teams should recruit me because I’m an intelligent, athletic new-generation type ILB that won’t only put in 100% on the field, but also in the film room and on game study. Which I think makes me Europe’s best Class of 2021 ILB.

Be sure to check out Alex’s full highlight tape below. And be sure to share this article with someone you know. At Europe’s Elite we have built a platform that the athlete deserves .

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