There is Serious Talent in France. Player Spotlight: Landry Esono- Sala

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There is Serious Talent in France. Player Spotlight: Landry Esono- Sala

When it comes to the game of football, France has always been a country known for producing explosive athletes. Most recently France has produced talented athletes that have gone on to compete in the CFL (Canada) such as Valentine Gnahoua and Maxime Rouyer. Some French athletes such as Anthony Dablé , have even made an appearance on an NFL roster with the New York Giants. The French Federation has even done a good job exposing young athletes to the university system in Canada and the US. Some young French athletes have already made a big name for themselves in the recruiting game. But the question still remains, who is the next big name coming out of France? This 6’1ft 180lbs DB , Landry Esono-Sala is one guy that NCAA scouts will soon begin to know!

Q & A with Launrdy

How long have you played the game of football?

  • I have been playing football for 6 total years. I spent 1 year on the field playing the saftey positon. But I noramlly have played corner. Basically I am an all around Defensive Back.

What are your current goals with football?

  • My goal is to play in college football at any level. Whether that is in Canada or the US. But I want to be one of the athletes that proves we European guys that we can do it too. Guys like myself are just as good as some of the other athletes playing in the NCAA in the US, or USports in Canada. The thing is many people don’t know about us.

What big name players do you watch on the field, and who would you compare yourself to?

  • After watching a lot of NCAA football games, I tend to try to play like those athletes as well. I figure if I am going to compete at that level one day, I should study how those athletes play. I watch a lot of Corner Backs in the NFL, latley I try to pay attention to the saftey position as well. Of course I watch old tapes of legendary players like Dion Sanders. But I still watch some of the younger guys on the field such as Jalen Ramsey and Vernon Hargreaves. One safety i love to watch and try to play like is Earl Thomas!

How has football affected you life?

  • The game of football has taught me how to work hard to achive my goals. It has also taught me how to fight for the things I truly love in life.

Why should a team recruit you?

  • I’m the kind of athletes that takes my training seriously. I always want to learn more about my position and the game itself. You will see me the first one at the training and the last one to leave everyday. Simply put once a coach gives me an opportunity I won’t give up and I will work hard every day.

Check out Landry’s highlight tape below and be sure to share this article with someone you know. At Europe’s Elite we use this platform to give young athletes the exposure they deserve.

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