Top European Talent Spotted in Bristol , Great Britain. Player Spotlight- Joe Cassidy

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Top European Talent Spotted in Bristol , Great Britain. Player Spotlight- Joe Cassidy

This past week we were lucky enough to catch up with one of the top young DB’s in Europe. Joe Cassidy has made a name for himself to be one of the top athlete’s in Great Britain in his position. Now he is ready to take his talents to the next level. He has already begun to catch some attention from a few NCAA universities. But he is ready to make the next step in his recruitment process. Read about the young 18 year old that first started playing football in 5-on-5 leauges in Bristol. Get to know Joe Cassidy aka, JC3.

What are your current goals with football?

  • I have two main goals with football. The main goal is to play college football at the NCAA level . I also want to represent Great Britain in the European Championship Tournament. I want to be one of the individuals that help promote the growth of American Football in Great Britain 🇬🇧.

What big name players do you watch, and whom do you compare yourself to?

  • I look up to all players playing my position at the NCAA level. I like to watch NCAA football games to learn new techniques and playing styles that I can use in my own games. I especially watch the players, teammates and friends of mine that have left Bristol Prep Academy and pursued a football career in the NCAA already. Players such as Toby Naylor and Jairo Faverus. There are even a few players from Bristol that are currently playing in the NFL.

How has football affected your life?

  • Football has really helped me as pa erson as well as an athlete. It’s helped me to understand my dream and what it takes to get there. Football has also helped me to learn how to motivate myself to achieve my goals. Football has taught me that with commitment and a good work ethic, I can achieve anything.

Why should a team recruit you?

  • A team should recruit me because I’ve got a lot to prove with the talent I have on the field. I’m excited to show scouts that Europe has serious talent in this sport. I’m determined to reach the next level and put the work in to get there on and off the field.

For those that are interested share this interview with a friend to help this athlete gain even more exposure. Check out his highlight tape below.

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