The Heart of a Lion. Player Spotlight: Dovydas Koncevicius

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November 15, 2019
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November 18, 2019
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This young WR/DB Dovydas Koncevicius, can be best described with just a few phrases. Heart of a Lion, tremendous work ethic, and hungry. This young man is only 16 years old but he is already eager to get his film and name in front of college scouts. This is not to say that Dovydas feels that his skill set is already perfect and ready for college football. But it is clear to us that with his strong work ethic and ambitious mindset, Dovydas will achieve his goals. This 6’1ft 182lb athlete , may very well be a rising star in his home country of Sweden!

What are your current goals with football? (NCAA college football, win a national championship in your team, have fun/get better, etc) ?

  • My current goals with football are to improve in all the areas that I’m lacking at the moment so I can become a better and more dangerous player overall. That is something that I take seriously, my work ethic and no matter where I am, I’ll never stop working on myself and my surroundings. My main goal right now is to play college football (NCAA). I have been dreaming to play in college for so long right now and I know that I have the talent to do so. Something that I can take back with me home and make my parents proud and pay them back for everything they have done and still do for me. 

Which player do you watch the most? And whom would you say you play like?

  • There are so many talented receivers out there! Michael Thomas, Odell Beckham, Amari cooper, Deandre Hopkins, and Justyn Ross. I would say that I play like Michael Thomas, I’m dangerous and I am able to catch the ball through contact and while me being double or triple covered. 

How has playing football affected your life?

  • Football has been my one main focus in life since the day I started to play, everything that can make me improve whether that would be a better leader or better in academics everything is put on for my goals. I know that football has turned me into a better person. And given me a sense of will in everything I do in life.

Why should a team recruit you?

  • Because I am someone you can trust to make a play when it’s needed the most. I am someone who will lift everyone’s spirit even if you’re down by a lot. I have worked my butt off to get where I am right now but from what I see im not nearly done. Im someone who will put work for extra hours to get better, to learn new things and to get the best version of me and so if I succeed in a part of football ill learn others so become better. I do believe that im a team player and a real leader on and off the field. I know that I am ready to play at the next level, and I will do/sacrifice everything I have to reach my goals. 

What makes you different than the other athletes in Sweden? 

  • One of the biggest things is my work ethic. All that I have done so far, all the time spent in those early mornings working out, extra running after practice just so I can get an advantage over the opponent in front of me. I believe that I have “that dog” mentality and ill do everything to make a play and give it all no matter who it is, I know that im one of the best but I still believe that I have a far road ahead of me and im willing to walk that road. 

What are your current grades like??

  • I know that you can’t just be great at football and have a bright future ahead of you, schoolwork is important. I just started High school and from what it looks like right now ill walk away with great grades, I started high school with a 3.2 GPA and im still working to improve that!

How is your recruiting process currently going?

  • I am still young and working to become better at all the combine testing so I can perform at my bes. But I’m 16 years old and I think that this s a great time to start to reach out to coaches and organizations and start to build relationships. European football is getting bigger and bigger year after year and there are already a ton of athletes in the U.S right now. 

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