Berlin Rebels Produce Elite Talent. Player Spotlight: Marvin Canitz

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Berlin Rebels Produce Elite Talent. Player Spotlight: Marvin Canitz

By:Europes Elite

Over the past few weeks, our analysts and writers have highlighted athletes from all across Europe. Athletes from France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and, The United Kingdom have found a commonplace on our site. But let us not forget about one European country that has strong love and history for the game of Football, Germany! The amount of consistent and high-quality talent at the youth level in Germany is astonishing! Out of all the countries in Europe, Germany may still produce the most college football recruits. With that being said the talent that is within Deutschland cannot be ignored. One of these athletic hidden gems or (sleeping giant), is residing in the big city of Berlin! Marlin Canitz is a 6’4ft , 210lb Free Safety and Wide Receiver, machine! Not only does this young man have great size and skill, he has the proper attitude and vision that many scouts and coaches rave over. Marvin “Bi6’4ft, Canitz is a name to continue to look for out of Berlin!

How long have you played football and what position?

  • I started out playing WR and Safety at the middle school level for the Berlin Rebels 5 years ago. I also played some QB and TE. My primary position is Safety, but I am currently transitioning to the OLB position. If there is a need and someone has to fill in on a spot, I would be of course happy to help my team at any position they possibly need me.

What are your current goals with football?

  • My goal is to enjoy every moment I got out there with my boys, because nothing lasts forever and each year it is a new team. So winning a national championship is for sure the ultimate season goal. My long term goal is to play college football and get through football the opportunity to attend a great academic program.

How would you describe the competition in Germany?

  • The GFLJ 1 where I played at is highest level of High school level football in Germany and one of the leagues with the best competition in Europe. There are a lot of talented players which could possibly be high College recruits. Every year are more and more athletes are getting directly recruited to D1 colleges from Germany or high ranked High school academies in the states.

Which player do you watch the most? And whom would you say you play like?

  • I try to watch every game and as much tape I possible can on Jamal Adams and Luke Kuechly. Those two are amazing athletes with a great vision and the it-factor on the field. For me are Luke and Jamal also the two currently best students of the game at their position. Therefore they are able to make plays as well by knowing what is coming before the ball even got snapped.

How has playing football affected your life?

  • It helped me to understand that life is never easy and nothing is giving. I learned to fight and grind for my goals. The other thing that I realized is that I have to surround myself with the right people and never give up. Because most of the times are you so close and you just have to take two more steps to get there. This season me and my team learned that trust and acting as one unit is way more important, than being necessary bigger and faster that your opponent.

Why should a team recruit you?

  • I am a hard working guy who lives to be out there competing and getting better every day. During my year at a Highschool in the states I learned, that it is the greatest feeling to have a whole town behind you and play for them and brothers. I give everything to be the best student of the game and in the classroom. I am willing to put in the extra work, to get where I want to be.

How is your current recruitment process going?

  • I am talking to 10 different schools at the moment at division 2 and 3 level. So far I received 2 official offers. But I want to go all out and dream big. I mean you have to shoot for the stars, because later on I will regret that if I gave up on myself and did not try to push further in my recruitment process.

What club or program do you play for?

  • I play for the Berlin Rebels. The school year 2017/2018 I got the chance to attend the Holyoke Highschool in Colorado, where I played Football and ran track

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