Jason Brown- Arkansas Baptist College Football Commit

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November 14, 2019
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November 15, 2019
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Jason Brown- Arkansas Baptist College Football Commit

European talent continues to gain more and more recognition from college scouts. Jace Brown is just one example of many athletes on this side of the world that has earned some of that recognition .Jace Brown is a young Corner Back who competed in the United Kingdom, and has recently announced his commitment to Arkansas Baptist College in 2020. The young man from the UK will soon be presenting JB island to the college level. Check out our Q & A session that we had with Jason last week.

What made you get into football?

  • My uncle motivated me to play football I didn’t knew much about football around that time because In the Netherlands, football is not a big sport not many people are familiar with it so first I started at “Spijkenisse scouts” and I liked the sport a lot it really worked out for me never knew that I will come this far to be honest.

Tell us about your recruitment process!?

  • After a year playing at Bristol pride I’ve decided to take a gap year and focus on football and working out in the Netherlands and get everything right before I’m taking the next big step to play in the states so I hit different coaches up on Twitter, many of them had interest but getting a offer was something else. I’m grateful for the coaches that believed in me and gave me a chance to showcase my talent I really do.

How did your university hear about you ?

  • The recruitment coach was offer a lot of people and I saw it on my timeline on Twitter! I took a look at the page and I really liked the way he was talking and giving players a shot. So I was like why not me! I gave it a shot and sent him a message and as you can see it went well and he offered me!

What made you commit to that school?

  • The program was the number one reason why I committed to the school . I also had good chat with Coach Bailey and we really can work it out with each other!

When will you be going to that school?

  • 6th of January

What are your looking forward to the most?
-Go to work and let them see what I got and just prove them that we got some serious talent around Europe!

Europe’s Elite is the best source covering all football related news like this in Europe. Check out the rest of Jason’s highlights with the link below!


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