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The Swiss Army knife is a pocketknife or multi-tool manufactured by Victorinox (and up to 2005 also by Wenger SA). The term “Swiss Army knife” was coined by American soldiers after World War II due to the difficulty they had in pronouncing “Offiziersmesser”, the German name (lit. “officer’s knife”). For our Deutsch speaking audience many of you would say that the way the language sounds in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany is completely different from one another. But let us be clear, Morten Krispin can knife through offenses no mater what country he is in. Mr. Krisipin is a 5’10ft and 195lbs jack of all trades on defense.

How long have you been playing football?

  • I have been playing football for 5 years. During that time I have played linebacker, safety, D-line and runningback.

What are your current goals with football?

  • My current personal goals are to play Football at a professional Level like ncaa college or at a good european football club. For my time here in switzerland, I want to win the national title with the u19 team, since we lost the semi-final last year and I have never won a gold medal before in Football. 

How are some of the player you like to watch and compare yourself to?

  • The players I watch the most are of course Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu or Earl Thomas because you can really learn a lot from them by just watching their tape. But before games I like to watch college highlights of Karl Joseph because he was just a Monster out there and maybe the hardest hitter I have ever seen in college. When it comes to me I think i play similarly to Packers safety Adrian Amos because he is maybe the safest tackler and playmaker in the NFL. He very rarely makes a mistake and when an opportunity comes he strikes and I try to replicate that a lot.

How has playing football affected your life?

  • Football has greatly affected my life in many ways. First of all my life now revolves a lot around Football, after school I either go to practice or to the gym. Also it shaped me as a person it taught me accountability, perseverance, discipline among various other things. It brought me into a great community not just here but all over the world. And it really highlights my competitive side and made me realise I want to be the best ever at something and in this case that is football.

Why should a team recruit you?

  • I think teams should recruit me because I am not just a decent player but also because I am a hard worker on and off the field. But I‘d bring more to a team than that. I consider myself a leader and I love learning more about Football. I am always in conversation with my coach about new stuff we could implement into our defense and also he trusts me to execute harder tasks such as playing one person on the other team 1on1 for the entire game. Because of that I am being moved around a lot which makes me versatile and got me a lot of experience in many aspects of playing defense. 

Why do you want to play college football?

  • I want to play college ball because i want to bring more attention to European players. American coaches are still hesitant to recruit us and I think that is because they cant evaluate us properly. And because the competition here is so different, it is hard to tell who really got it and who doesn‘t.

Do you feel there is a big gap in the skill level of football athletes in Europe and those in the US?

  • From an athletic point of view I don‘t think there is a difference, but in the culture there is. All the good athletes at a young age start to play another sport because football still is not that well known, like for example soccer. So most guys that play football don‘t start until they are 15, 16 or older. Also we get way less training because not only are most coaches not full-time but also it is hard to practice a lot with only 2-3 practices a week due to the city not willing to give better facilities. Also football here lacks funding which contributes to all the problems above, which is due to low popularity. On the other hand football is getting more popular by the day thanks to social media. 

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