The Junior College Experince Can Be a Precious Thing

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The Junior College Experince Can Be a Precious Thing

By: Europe's Elite

As many of us already know, international athletes have to work twice as hard to get noticed by a university scout. But athletes on this side of the world that are serious about sports, must be comfortable with taking necessary risk to achieve their goals. It is no longer a secret that there are tons of talented ball players all throughout Europe. More and more international athletes are getting opportunities to compete at the collegiate ranks. But now it all about these athletes making the most of their opportunities once it is given to them. As many of us know, junior college (JuCo) football grants athletes with an opportunity to develop as an athlete and a student. The sole purpose for an athlete to attend a junior college program is to develop and then move on to a four-year university.

Although the Junior College experience is not as flashy as a division 1 university, this is an opportunity that should not be treated carelessly. Some might even say that if an athlete treats their junior college experience in a precious manner, they might be able to find success. Precious Ogbevoen is a prime example of an athlete staying true to his goals taking full advantage of his opportunities. He has recently finished his 2019 season at New Mexico Military Institute where he competed as a Line-Backer and is set to graduate this December. To no surprise, he grabbed the attention of a few college scouts. Earlier this week the Vienna, Austria native and Vienna Vikings product received a scholarship offer from Chadron State College. He has also received scholarship offers from South Dakota University and Trinity International University. His is just a small list of many more to come!

How has your JuCo experience been?

My JuCo experience was unreal. I had my ups and downs. I thought that it is going to be easy, but I quickly learned that these junior college guys are D1 caliber players. Everybody is good and everybody is putting a lot of work to outperform you. College is mentally challenging. Ball players will yell at you and you will get mad, but you have to be men and take tough coaching and learn from it. I have never been yelled at so much here as in Austria. Football is a business here in America. If you want to play college football you have to know that all of it won’t be glory and nice, but you will make memories and friends for a lifetime. You have to be mentally tough and ready to work like a madman. Talent doesn’t matter much here. Everybody is just as good as you.

Can you describe the transition from football in Austria to New Mexico?

In Austria, I really didn’t have to fight for my position so much as I had to do here. You can be the starter this quick, but that can change the next week. I notice how important practice is. You have to practice hard if you want to win on Saturdays. There are no shortcuts. Every team can beat any team. The team that prepares the best that week wins. I learned how to give 100% effort at every play. 11 men running to the ball and good things will happen.

What do you see next for your career?

I hope to sign to a 4-year school soon and continue my education and football career.

Europe’s Elite is the best news sources covering rising athletes from and within Europe. Watch Precious’s highlight tape of his 2019 season with the link below. ELITE ATHLETES. ELITE TEAMS. ELITE STORIES.

Precious Ogbevoen – Juco product|GPA: 3.17| SAT:1020| 2019 Dec Grad|6ft 1 inch| 236lbs| NCAA Qualif | Twitter: @Problack43

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