Fuel to Improve Athlete Performance; A Guide to Macronutrients

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Fuel to Improve Athlete Performance; A Guide to Macronutrients

Practice and training are only part of the formula for achieving success on the football field. For any football player or athlete, proper nutrition is critical. Fueling your body with consistent nutrition and hydration is imperative no matter the season. Macronutrients are the basis of any diet; they are the carbs, fats, and proteins that are consumed to fuel your body. Below, you’ll find a more in-depth description of each, as well as some recommendations for how to implement macronutrients into your diet.



Proper ratio of macro nutrition’s: Proteins + Carbohydrates + Fats

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Healthy Fats

Energy reserve Helps absorb certain nutrients (vitamins and antioxidants) Helps you stay fuller which leads to better portion control Examples of good food choices for Healthy Fats: -Avocado -Nuts -Nut butters -Olive Oil -Coconut oil


Primary energy source that makes the body’s engine run Need carbohydrates before and after training Helps build body’s stamina and endurance Examples of good food choices for Carbohydrates: -Whole grains -Oatmeal -Brown rice -Sweet potatoes


Protein consists of amino acids “building blocks of protein” Protein is essential for growth as well as the repair of broken-down muscle Protein helps you maintain muscle mass and promotes muscle growth during training Examples of good food choices for protein: -Lean beef -Chicken -Turkey -Fish -Eggs

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