A Dominate Lineman Can Never Be Under Valued : Kajetan Wiwatowski

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August 5, 2020
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A Dominate Lineman Can Never Be Under Valued : Kajetan Wiwatowski

By: Matt Bressington of Europe's Elite

Having a key athlete on the offensive and defensive lines is eternally underrated, some of the best athletes in the gameplay in the trenches and championship contenders will all take this into their teams. The Assindia Cardinals of Essen Germany have done just that, they’ve uncovered somewhat of a hidden gem in terms of young talent, Kajetan Wiwatowski is a 19-year-old lineman who plays predominantly on the tackle position. However, Kajetan isn’t limited to one position having played across the offensive line and featuring on the defence as well, performing to high levels on both sides of the ball. The former North Rhein Westphalia All-star has also tested his abilities in Australia with the Goldcoast Stingrays for a couple of weeks of high-level experience. Alongside this, he has not only participated but dominated in 365-Athlete camps and Europe’s Elite camps, showcasing his talents to the highest degree and earning himself quite the reputation.

As a defensive lineman, Kajetan was able to go all out, registering 7 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and 1 recovery. In his secondary position, he outperformed much of the competition even while it not taking up the predominate amount of snaps. Where he could flourish is the offensive line, possessing lighter feet that some skill positions he seems to glide effortlessly into his assignments. Following this, he would use the natural gifts of being able to lift people off their feet to perform explosive blocks that invigorate the team and give the whole team energy. The control he enforces on the line is frightening, his hand placement has been sharpened and defined because the technique Kajetan displays is undoubtedly going to be effective at any level he can reach. In the system they’re running in Essen they do exploit the skills that Kajetan has, even pulling him from the tackle position to open huge holes for the running back to burst through, furthermore, when he engages with his counterpart he can block them 10-15 back with ease. Continuing from this, the use of fundamental footwork with a wide and quick kick step was very notable from the film, often taking players around wide corners on the pass rush to disrupt the D-line and lead to more time for his quarterback.

To conclude, Kajetan is a very explosive athlete at 6’1 260lbs he dominates the players he opposes. He’s currently working on speeding up his 40-yard time and this offseason has been ultra-focused on his goal of playing college football, with the right chances he could certainly compete at an NCAA level. His impressive strength translates well, more so his clear knowledge of the game stands out. He rarely makes mistakes on the line regardless of whereabouts on the line he is located, through the tape he moves around and flaunts his versatile skill set to fully get the most out of his abilities.


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    By the way he is a big guy with a big big heart! 😉

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