Another Hidden Gem in Denmark: Magnus Madsen

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September 29, 2020
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Another Hidden Gem in Denmark: Magnus Madsen

By Matt Bressington 

The country of Denmark currently has 18 ranked athletes in the classes of “Europe’s Elite Top 100”, this is more than The United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, Switzerland and Austria. This is a big deal for one of the fastest-growing leagues of Europe, and for all the athletes they are producing as they imagine is growing steadily and becoming more prevalent in the discussions of top contenders in Europe.

There are still many hidden gems in the leagues of Denmark. For example, the undefeated Hurricanes located in Eabjeg had a tremendously prosperous season finishing 9-0 on their way to the Championship but were denied a pass into the first division of Danish American football because of their small roster. This, of course, has made the team hungry to show the Federation that they are more than capable to play at the highest tier. Leading the way is current Offensive MVP and Danish U19 national team member, Magnus Buus Madsen. The gifted Wide receiver has registered impressive stats throughout his four years with his hometown team and is looking to improve further in the new campaign.

Magnus’ season was one of mass productivity and efficiency, nine games, nine touchdowns and 800 yards receiving compiled a great season for the MVP. During the film, it’s easy to see why defenders had such issues guarding him, legit 4.6 speed and beautifully smooth lateral quickness means he can glide through the open space that he seems to have a sixth sense for finding. However, he isn’t only useful with the ball in his hands straight from the snap, locating the ball and contorting his movement to make the play over taller opponents is a speciality of his.

At 5’11 he certainly isn’t undersized for the position, but it’s his relentless pursuit of yards make him an elite player in Denmark and Europe alike, whether he has to go around or through a defender, this doesn’t change his mind as he will gladly snatch ankles or carry a Defensive-back an extra 5-10 yards upfield. While participating at the Euros he was able to display his quality with impressive route running and sharpness through the entirety of the action, this staple of his game is regarded as his best by Magnus himself.

There is no doubt he passes the “eye test” and personally I would put his hands up there with the top ranker receivers in any class, making circus catches just as often as the necessary first down plays to move the chains, with a big ability to extend the play further just as he has done so often for his team by pulling down deep routes, keeping his balance and waltzing into the endzone.

To conclude, if Magnus wished to play at a higher level in Europe he easily could, but his competitive loyalty has kept him fighting for his Hurricanes. I imagine he has had interest from the competitors in Denmark if he doesn’t yet then he will as he develops as a player because he is a talented commodity for any team challenging for a title.

He could provide a team with a fresh option to carry them over the top, but if the Hurricanes are granted promotion then they are instantly thrust into the playoff picture with Magnus as a weapon.

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