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October 2, 2020
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By : Matt Bressington of Europe's Elite
Photo credit to: NFL Academy 

Previously on Europe’s Elite, we’ve mentioned the depth of the Defensive-back core at the NFL Academy, however, there are also many bright futures littered throughout the team that isn’t limited to the secondary. During the research for previous athletes featured in the academy, it was a common occurrence to have fierce competition between the group and a lengthy, athletic wide-out.

This playmaker is Tyriq Taiwo, at 6’1 188lbs he has good size at the position, and he uses his natural athletic ability to become arguably the best option for the NFLA signal-callers. The current record holder for the standing vert jump (35”) at the academy is just the tip of the iceberg of Tyriq’s athleticism, after less than two years of experience, he has accumulated the following: 9’10 Broad jump, 4.2 shuttle, 210lb bench, 376lb squat, 395lb deadlift and a 4.69 40-yard laser time. Based on these numbers it’s evident that he has the physical advantages of an elite athlete.

The former London Blitz and Great Britain player has garnered much attention from the NCAA, with two Division One schools expressing interest alongside a JUCO college as well. The film speaks for itself; Tyriq has a selection of releases that mimic a certain Green Bay Packer, the hop step into a crossover has created separation with paramount ease on his outside routes. When coming inside, his deadly faint move forces the Corner to bite or pay the consequences of turning around a full 360 degrees, by the time they’ve located him, he’s 15 yards further downfield.

An important component to the finesse he exhibits is the sharp and deadly fast footwork, he has learned from the high-class coaching at the NFLA and has implemented it flawlessly into his game. When it comes to the most important mechanics of the catch, Tyriq puts on a clinic, high pointing the ball at its optimum position and using acrobatics to touch his toes on the side-line. Either of these are options, but he’s no stranger to breaking off his route into a deep curl to pick up the necessary yards for the benefit of the team. Furthermore, all of these qualities are executed at full speed and the routes are never lazy or blunt they are consistent and damaging to any defence because he doesn’t project what his next move is, no gives or tells that allow the Corner or Safety to anticipate the next route. If they do it’s going to be a long night for the players unfortunate enough to cover him.

As a fan of the UK game and someone pushing for more eyes on the sport, it’s exciting to see a player as talented as Tyriq, mass confidence with the fundamentals to back up the talk is never a disadvantage for a young player on his way to the NCAA. He is confident that he is at the top of his 2021 class for Wide receivers and it’s hard to disagree, there shouldn’t be any doubt that he makes the top 150 in the next update. Only time will tell how far he can make it up before he consequently moves the NCAA portion of his career.


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