Player Spotlight: Yannic Oswald – Germany

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October 8, 2020
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Player Spotlight: Yannic Oswald – Germany

By: Matt Bressington of Europe's Elite 

The New Yorker Lions, the six-time Euro Bowl champions, and the twelve-time GFL champions. They are the pinnacle of success in Europe and an immaculate example of what can come from the leagues throughout the flourishing landscape. One of the factors towards their continued success is their use of outstanding scouting and research into potential additions to their team. This leads me onto one of the newest hidden gems they’ve managed to steal under the noses of the competition. Allow me to introduce, Yannic Oswald, the 6’2 260lbs ultra-powerful DE who has recently moved from the Ravensburg Razorbacks to the reigning champs and is looking to make a big impact in his first GFL season, after totaling 5 Sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 38 tackles in his recent campaign, in which he won the GFL2 championship

The physical advantages Yannic possess are truly terrifying, with 12-15 reps of 225Lbs bench and Personal Bests of 300 bench, 450 squat, and 475 deadlifts. Couple this extraordinary power with nifty footwork from the Edge and lateral quickness that would make even the best Running-Backs stop skipping ladder sessions. The effectiveness of Yannic’s power in the run-stopping department is also highly regarded as elite, the patience and containment of the pocket he demonstrates are one of the many reasons its so hard to run the ball to his side. Furthermore, his arsenal of moves off the Edge is varied and expansive, Swim Moves, Spin Moves, and a fearmongering bullrush all combine with his explosiveness to create pressure on a high percentage of snaps.

However, to compete at the highest levels a player must be more than just brute strength and hard takedowns, this is where Yannic takes his ability to the next tier. Currently studying Health Care Management at Braunschweig he has the motivation to reach the summit of his chosen field, having this kind of gifted student-athlete is everything a coach can ask for and brings a new dynamic to an already stacked team locker room.

To conclude, the Lions have certainly found themselves a hot commodity for their defense of the Germany Bowl title and for the restoration of their dynasty that ended at the hands of Unicorns in 2017. Yannic will, undoubtedly, compete for a starting job as he enters a new chapter in his football career, with a new team his game will be tested, not only physically but mentally. Playing time will not be given out of championship teams so he will certainly have his work cut out for him when the GFL resumes order. But Europe’s Elite has a high level of belief in his abilities to become one of, if not the most feared defensive lineman in Germany next season. Because of his gifted strength and size and rapid hand speed when coming through the opposition tackles, Yannic is simply an outstanding representation of what can be achieved with the right work and preparation.


Click here to watch Yannic’s most recent highlight tape

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