We are excited to bring you the best 7 on 7 tournament in cooperation with Vici's helmet company. On February 8-9th, 2020 8am-6pm in Taarnby Stadium, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. This tournament will be open to players 16 and older. We will be using Europe's Elite 7 on 7 rules which are the similar to USA Flag football rules. The past several years have seen a rapid growth in flag and touch football leagues across the United States, led by the NFL Air-it-Out for adults, NFL Flag for youngsters and others. At the high school level, where nearly 1 million students play contact football, flag and touch have generally become an approved and encouraged activity in the off-season. Organized by Europe's Elite and experienced coaches, the mission is to provide the structure for youth football players, as well as other male and female players, whereby they can develop their skills, competing in the off-season at organized local, regional and nationals events.
Taarnby Stadium, Copohegan, Denmark
Date/ Time
February 8, 2020 Registration 8-9 am
15 & older
35 Euro
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