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Kings of Europe is the premier and #1 passing league in Europe for youth football players.

”We aim to improve time and speed in the passing game at all kill level positions. 7 on 7 begins to prepare the student athletes for the next level. With only the most serious athletes participating it allows coaches to teach advanced level of techniques that require focus. Wide receiver  release techniques, Quarterback coverage sight adjustment, and line backers playing in space”. – Founder Emmanuel Lewis

2018 was our inaugural year of Kings of Europe passing tournament lead by founder and QB guru Emmanuel Lewis. We held tournaments in 8 different countries and hosted over 800 participants.



2018 Events


All Euro Team 2018



About our Founder:

Emmanuel Lewis is the current Offensive coordinator for the Ingolstadt dukes. Known for his attention to detail and passion for coaching he has been labeled a QB guru and is one of the best QB coaches in the world.


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