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Go4it Sports Launches New Sports Education Program

Go4it Sports is proud to present its latest program that caters to the needs of International athletes that are looking to play sports in High School/College in the United States. Go4it Sports has teamed with The Language Institute of The America (LIOTA) to create a personal learning platform to give student athletes the proper tools to play sports in america. The Excel program will offer athletes assistance in three key areas.

TOEFL Training: In order to attend a United States school, a student must prove they are proficient in english and can handle an english course load. Excel Academy offers personal and group tutoring session with our TOEFL certified teachers, who are specifically trained to prepare student athletes for the TOEFL and other university sanctioned language exams.

SAT/ACT Prep: In order to be become officially recruited by a NCAA sanctioned university (Paid Official Visits) or accept a scholarship, students must take and pass the SAT or ACT college entrance exam. The Excel Program offers personal SAT prep via live stream and also will be offering personal group seminars to athletes throughout Europe.

Plan of Action: There are numerous hurdles one must clear in order to attend school and plays sports in america: from having the proper high school diploma, SAT Test, NCAA Clearing house etc.. It is extremely important to have all the necessary requirments fulfilled. Excel academy assist athletes with developing the correct plan of action so there are no surprises during the process. Excel Academy evaluates and establishes where a athlete currently is pertaining to Education, Talent, Financial situation and various other factors that will allow us to develop a personal plan. Ensuring we give each athlete the best possible change of becoming fully qualified with TOEFL, High Schools, NCAA Clearing House and the United States Government.

For more information email Go4it Sports: or contact us of Facebook Go4it Sports

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