Here are a list of our affiliates/partners:


Swiss Training System

Do you want to become stronger, faster, explosive, more athletic and build your endurance for your sport? We are a team of exercise & nutrition experts that will help you improve your performance and health. Through our years of experience in online and remote coaching and our in-house software, we help you create a training & nutrition plan that is customized to your needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a lineman, wide receiver, linebacker, running back, defensive back or quarterback , we can make you better. With our expert experience , you can reach your goals!



  Fight Ready Program

The ability to throw powerful punches and kicks, manhandle their opponent on the ground, and get battered and bruised for 5 minutes straight is a level of focus and athleticism that is unmatched in any other sport. If YOU’D like to train like these top MMA fighters, and do it in just 4 hours per weekwithout engaging in mindless cardio, strength-destroying circuits, or unproductive powerlifting, we can show you how. Click the link above.


Speed Training Video Series Speed Training that makes you faster!

Revolutionary speed training exercises are helping athletes around the world reach their athletic dreams. Doing these 3-minute training exercises releases untapped muscular energy that will dramatically improve speed and make you a better player.


The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is the culmination of 15+ years of scientific research into the most effective exercises, training sequences and techniques. Thousands of average athletes have used it to consistently increase their vertical leap. Now it’s your turn. Click the link above to become a more explosive athletes.


The only proven 3-Step Jump Training Program that adds at least 9 – 15+ inches to your vertical jump in less than 8 weeks time. If you want to become more explosive, simply click the link above.