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July 16, 2017
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Signing Day

Today is NCAA college football national signing day which is an exciting day for college football players and fans in the U.S. Here in Europe signing day is starting to become a more popular day as well. Every year more and more European players are making their way to play college football. There are various routes a player can take to accomplish this, whether it is through high school/prep-school with programs like Bjoern Werner’s Gridiron Imports, Jr. College or straight to an University. The fact is Europe is putting their footprint in college football.

With these various college routes one question still remains, which route is the best for a European player to play college football? It all comes down to your particular situation. No matter what your situation is if you want o play college football you will have to go through the NCAA Clearing House. Every European country has its own high school system and the NCAA Clearing House does not have one rule that covers all of Europe. With no such rule in place for all of Europe it makes it difficult to judge weather or not a player is eligible to play college football without loosing a year of eligibility.

So on this day lets all celebrate every young man that has made it to a college that comes from Europe. Weather he has went to high school, prep school, or straight to an University. But after we celebrate lets get right back to work and not forget about those who are still trying to accomplish their dream. Congratulations to all of the players who are making their dream a reality.

Here is a list of some European Players going to play college football in 2017 (if we did not recognize you please send us an email at info@europeselite.com):

Tibo Debaillie, Belgium – Towson
Valerio Cuomo, Italy- Butte College
Leonardo Vecchi, Italy- Butte College
Alaudin Azemi, Sweden- Santa Rosa College
Gerrik Vollmer, Germany- Virgina (Gridiron Imports)
Simon Krizak, Germany -Bucknell (Gridiron Imports)
Jordan Genmark Heath, Sweden- Notre Dame
Chris Mulumba, Finland- University of Colorado

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