Mustafa Othman, RB Munich Germany

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Mustafa Othman, RB Munich Germany

Europe’s Elite had the chance to sit down with Munich Cowboys U19 RB Mustafa Othman. The Cowboys are off to a 4-0 start lead by Mustafa hard running. They have scored 126 points while only allowing 13. Mustafa is one of the team captions and plans to lead his team to the final this year by being a leader on and off the field.

EE: What Inspired you to play football?

Othman: I began watching my friend play and saw how much he loved the game, when I saw how they were all a big family it made me want to play. So far t’s been the best decision of my life.

EE: Can you tell us about your season opening game? You guys started the season strong it seems.

Othman: Yes we have started really good this season, we usually start earlier but our games were canceled, that created more motivation for us to come out and play good. As a captain of the team it’s my job to make sure guys ready to play. On game day I was a bit nervous with all the responsibility my coaches gave me. I wanted to get a TD to show them they made the right choice and I ended up with 3 TD’s

EE: What are your goals as a football player and outside of football?

Othman: My goals are to have 10 TD and about 600 rushing yards. Now I have 4 Td and a 2 point conversion. Right now I have 170 rushing yards and 58 receiving and 4 TD’s

EE: Who is your favorite Player?

Othman: Marshawn Lynch.

The Cowboys and Othman next game in will take place in Ingolstadt where they will take on the Dukes.

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