There is More Talent Popping Up in Nurnberg, Germany. Player Spotlight: Emil Rabin

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There is More Talent Popping Up in Nurnberg, Germany. Player Spotlight: Emil Rabin

If we had describe Emil Rabin in one word it would be it would be tenacious. Emil is a young athlete from Nurnberg, Bavaria in Germany whom plays for the Nurnberg, Rams . The 6’2 180lbs , 17yr old ball player can be seen playing Wide Receiver, Defensive Back, and Kick Returner. The main thing that sets Emil apart from other athlete’s on the field is his level of aggression and competitiveness. It doesn’t take long while watching Emil’s film to see that he can easily over power his opponent in competiton. Emil Rabin is soon to be one of Europe’s ELITE ATHLETE’S!

How long have you been playing football and what positions do you play?

  • I started playing Ice hockey at the age of 6 and I did it for 10 years. After this long period I got boring and was searching for a another activity. I started playing Football, because one of my friends said that I should join there Training and after that I fell in love with this sport. I have been playing Football for almost 3,5 years and my positions are WR,KR,PR and if I need to also DB.

What are your current goals with football?

  • My current goal with my team is to move up to the first league in the next season. But also I want to find a college or University to play American football in the states and show everybody what I’m capable of

Who is one player you love to watch and learn from?

  • For me on of the best players in the league is OBJ with his insane catches, his break away speed, how he understands the DB and their coverages. I watch his highlights to learn how he beats the DB’s during the game or how he trains. For a Wide Receiver it is also very important to know his opponent and that’s why I also try to watch some DB’s and learn their techniques to win every 1on1.

What has the game of football taught you?

  • Football taught me to work hard for every goal in your life whether it’s school or sport. I learned that there are many doubters, which you have to prove wrong and this should never stop you from fighting for your dreams.

Why should a team recruit you?

  • A team should recruit me because they will get a player who is not afraid to go the extra mile. I will give my best not only on the field but also in the gym and in class. I am an athlete that wants to be coached by a great coach, develop into a better player. Lastly I am a “team first” kind of guy, and I always ready to do what the team needs to secure a win.

Check out Emil’s highlight’s below and be sure to share this article with someone you know. At Europe’s Elite we use this platform to give young athletes the exposure they deserve.

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