The Path to the NFL : Sandro Platzgummer

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April 21, 2020
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The Path to the NFL : Sandro Platzgummer

By: Matt Bressington 

The NFL is expanding rapidly into Europe, collecting many high-level prospects through the NFL Pathway systems and various other programs. This will continue to give athletes the best chance to make it, and most importantly, make a name for themselves in the league. Having recently started his training in Florida to give himself the best opportunity, Sandro Platzgummer of the Swarco Raiders has been slowly crafting more attention over the weeks of Draft coverage.

This past October, Platzgummer was able to show his talents at an invite-only NFL combine. The NFL Sighting Camp reserved for only the best European players. During the event, he was able to convince those in attendance that he could make it to the next level, subsequently making it onto the shortlist for possible involvement in the NFL. This was only the first step, however, being offered a 3-month camp alongside 8 other international talents, some of which have already played in the league, it’s clear he is in elite company and rated highly by his peers. The 22-year-old Runningback remains positive saying “At least four of the nine players make it to a team” and as a member of two Austria Bowl winning Swarco Raiders he has been competing since his emergence as one of the best in the continent, there is no doubt he has the competitive drive to propel himself forward in terms of a place in a team.

Sandro Platzgummer @ NFL Combine in Germany

It’s well published that Austria has a history in providing talent in the NFL. The last born in Austria to play was Ray Wersching from 1973-1987 who is still the 49ers 2nd all-time scoring leader. With that being said, it is long overdue to have more athletes represent the great country. It’s simply a matter of time, with all the talent that already resides and one of the most competitive leagues outside of the US they’re bound to find more and more success as exposure is shone onto the talents.


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